About Excel Christian Academy

Our center is conveniently located in the Lantana Community Fellowship Church on Jeter Road in Bartonville, TX. 

We are situated on 10 beautiful acres. The facility has a biometric secure lock entry system that allows entry by fingerprint scan.  Inside we have spacious, well designed classrooms, a gymnasium with a music area and science & technology lab. Our Pre-K classes are lead by Texas state certified teachers who have a heart for children's success. Our infant room is overseen by a licensed vocational nurse. Our classrooms are video monitored with parents having access to live video of their child's class from a computer or smart phone.  We also have monitors conveniently located in our lobby to allow you to observe your child's classroom in progress. Outside there are plenty of opportunities for exercise and play. We have 2 large, secure play areas as well as 2 sports fields. 

We founded Excel because of our love for children and our belief that all children deserve loving, quality care and an excellent beginning to their education. We believe that children must be given adequate opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge beyond the traditional curriculum. It is our belief that introducing and providing access to varied types of information early helps children to become critical thinkers and gives them a better opportunity to reach their full potential intellectually.  We believe that it is equally important to nurture a child’s emotional and social development in order to have a well adjusted, happy child.  We strive to provide education and care in a loving, fun and safe environment that encourages children to become the best they can be.  It is our goal that each child who attends Excel will be instilled with a love of God, a passion for life and a thirst for knowledge that will continue throughout their lives allowing them to succeed academically and preparing them to meet the challenges of our increasingly global society.

To help us achieve the goals that we all want for your children we have assembled a board of advisors each of whom bring unique gifts, talents and perspectives to Excel.  Please, see the Advisory Board page for more information about this wonderful and talented group of individuals.

We value and respect our parents and have created a list of special services that we hope will benefit you.  Please, see our Parent’s Perks page for more information on the special services we have for you.

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